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OG Hugger

Let everyone know who the original hugger was! Grab this button and sticker set immortalizing the Yet Ah!

Bob Backlund Sticker

it was 1995 and things were ramping up for the 1996 Presidential election. One Mr. Bob Backlund decided it was time put his name in the hat for the Presidency of the United Sates. Now you can let everyone know who you supported in 1996. Grab our Mr. Backlund for President bumper sticker now!


In the world of wrestling there are 100's of shirts, promotions, flyers, social media accounts and ads. Don't get lost in the sea of parody shirts and display fonts. We can provide professional graphic design services at a reasonable price. 

20X20 also hand screen prints all tees in house. If you would like to discuss a possible run of tees, posters, koozies, foam fingers...Zubas, then drop us a line!


Founded in 2015, 20x20 Apparel seeks to bring original tributes to Pro Wrestling's classic arenas, moments and events. We look to spotlight The Biggest, Smallest, Strangest, Strongest.