Welcome to the 20x20 Podcast, powered by 20x20Apparel.com. Our goal is to produce a podcast where you, the listener, are just a fly on the wall during a conversation about professional wrestling. There will be a segment called The Five Count, where a Top Five list will be discussed. There's a different topic every episode. Feel free to share your lists with us on social media using the hashtag, #fivecount. 

Intro music by Stircrazy and the 20x20 Band --- Five Count Theme by Guilty Simpson --- Outro music by Steve O.   

Episode 5 bring you the return of the Five Count! Today your hosts Peter and Chris, along with returning young boy Jacob, discuss their favorite all time live events that they have attended. There is a lot packed into this episode, so get ready for the longest episode to date! It starts with a recreation of Steve Austin's famous Margarita mix... and it goes off the rails from there. Before you know it, we are an hour in and the #fivecount hasn't even started! New microphones, shaking ice, alcohol flowing, stuffy sinuses and recording way past our bed times all tie together to give you this offering of the pod. We are like your friends in the car when you're going on a trip, and this episode dives deep into all of the roadies that we have taken when going to various wrestling shows. So strap on your seatbelt and join us as we discuss all things regarding the memories involved with our favorite live events!

Episode 4 is the return of Jacob with your hosts Peter and Chris, as they discuss all things that happened at Astronomicon 2, the world's greatest pop-culture convention, hosted by Detroit's own TWIZTID and their Majik Ninja Entertainment family. 20x20 had a booth at the convention and the boys hosted multiple trivia sessions over the 3 day weekend. Hear the stories about how the trivia went, try to answer some of the wrestling questions along with Chris, relive the interaction the boys had with such Con guests as Jake The Snake Roberts, Goldust and Bill Moseley.... and much more! You will feel like you are hanging out at the convention with your friends

Episode 3 sees your hosts Chris and Peter fighting a blizzard, ice storm and Michigan allergies to bring you the #fivecount topic of... Favorite Wrestlers of All Time. There's a little cross-over with the lists and there isn't a lot of debate, but that will soon change as the topics get broader. Will Peter take all TNA and ROH alumni? Will Chris try to pick ECW for every pick? Who knows! There is also a special announcement within this episode regarding Astronomicon 2, happening on February 8-10 in Sterling Heights, MI. But you will have to tune in and listen for that. 

Episode 2 goes off the rails, and fast! We abandon the promise of Favorite All-time Wrestlers and jump right into an old favorite - the Royal Rumble Drinking Game! Peter and Chris welcome Jacob to the podcast as they watch the Rumble match from 2009. There is a loose set of rules for taking a drink when certain things in the match occur. Feel free to fire up and pour yourself a beverage to watch along... or just listen along as we go through numerous stories, arguments and all-around nonsense. From stories about the famous Joe Louis Arena (and its parking lot) to debating the HOF credentials of R-Truth, this episode is an instant classic.

In this first episode, you get to meet your hosts Peter and Chris. The #fivecount topic is Favorite Current Wrestlers. This is a good opportunity to get to know everyone and start the groundwork for our podcast going forward. Did your current favorites make the cut? Tune in to find out and then let us know what your list is. Maybe we will play or read your list on a future episode.