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Bonus Round! We are back with a little bonus episode, the ol' watch-along. Sticking with the theme of patriotic moments, we are watching Lex Luger vs Yokozuna from SummerSlam 1993, from right here at the Palace of Auburn Hills, If you have the WWE Network, tune in at 2:11:15, hit play when the countdown... counts down, and you will feel like you are in the studio with Chris, Peter and Jacob, watching right beside us. 

Don't worry - if you cant' watch the show with us, you can still just listen along because we barely talk about the match. If you can get through a record-number of coughs and throat-clearings from Chris (even Marmalade sounds under the weather), you will be greeted with such topics as Esham and the rest of the Detroit rap scene in 1993, the NWO/Wolfpac feud from 1998 and making fun of people and their signs in the crowd. You may even hear a little singing from one of the hosts if you stick around long enough. There's not a lot of booze this week, but that doesn't stop the nonsense. 

As always, you can take part in the fun. Send us an email, social media mention or a note in a bottle. Use the hashtag #fivecount and we will find it. Let us know why you think Luger never got the World title or if you think his hair was gorgeous or awful in this era.

Another episode, another Five Count. In honor of Independence Day, Peter and Chris sit down with "Babahootski" Jacob to discuss the most memorable patriotic moments, wrestlers and promos in history. We kick things off debating if this is even politically correct topic and then dive right into it. So crack a beverage, grab a hot dog and celebrate America with us. And check our 20x20 YouTube Playlist to see some of the moments that we discuss. Or dig on The Network or other sources for some more videos regarding the US of A in wrestling. 

Don't worry - we stray off-topic for a few moments as well, if talking all USA isn't your cup of tea (we are looking at you, our British listeners). Witness the most bleeps in 20x20 Pod history, mostly from Young Boy Jacob saying inappropriate, non-PC things, as well as a record-amount of coughs and throat-clearings from Chris (he claims he was getting choked up). We also touch on the lineage of the NWA/WCW title, things we have been watching as of late (like the And Then There Was King video from AAW) and you may even hear one of us singing if you listen to the very end. All of this nonsense and much more, as you have come to expect from the 20x20 crew.

As always, you can take part in the fun. Send us an email, social media mention or a note attached to a bottle rocket. Use the hashtag #fivecount and we will find it. Let us know what your favorite patriotic moments in wrestling are, and if you think we should invite Jacob back onto the pod ever again after his outbursts.

Welcome to the newest episode of the Pod. After a little break, we jump right back into it with both feet. Peter and Chris are joined in studio by the returning Rex... and the #fivecount topic is Favorite Entrances. Sometimes they involve a vehicle coming to the ring; sometimes there is a live band; sometimes it is just the atmosphere of the moment. The Boys sit and dissect all things dealing with special entrances. There is a little rule-breaking going on here, some tag ropes being dropped and closed fists behind the refs back... don't mind those! Focus on the action. And check our 20x20 YouTube Playlist to see just some of the (legal) versions that we can share with you. Or dig on The Network or other sources for some more videos. 

Don't worry - there are plenty of other topics to explore. We discuss the recent shows from all the major feds - Dominion, Double or Nothing and the Super Showdown. We also pick our G1 winners (before the brackets came out), we fantasy book Finn Balor as The Demon and Bray Wyatt's future opponents via The Funhouse, we complain about WrestleMania being on too late in our time zone and we half-ass watch MidSouth's Wrestlefest 1985 as we record our podcast. All of this nonsense and much more, as you have come to expect. 

Thank you to Rex for stopping by the studio this week. He is all over the internet, on top of his SheikBlood responsibilities under the 20x20 Banner. You can follow him on his Soundcloud account. You can also listen to Killing The Business, available on Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere you consume your wrestling bars via rap.

Bonus Episode from your (every other) Tuesday Noon Titans! Still on a high from the Money in the Bank weekend, Chris, Peter and Jacob decided to stay late in the studio and watch the MITB match from WrestleMania 23 in Detroit. Just like our Rumble episode, this one is a little bit of a drinking game... so pour a tall beverage of your choosing, cue up The Network and play along. Mini ladder? Take a drink. Outside interference? Drink. Broken ladder? Multiple finishers? That spot where two guys are on the ladder and another pushes them off and they crotch on the ropes? Drink drink drink. Of course, there is more to talk about then just the match, so even if you cannot watch along, there is enough nonsense to keep you entertained, like the run-in by Danielle, who gives her expert opinions on the world of wrestling (and her review of the Paige movie) and the bonus bonus of us watching the cash-in match(es). 

As always, you can take part in the fun. Send us an email, social media mention or smoke signal. Use the hashtag #fivecount and we will find it. Let us know what you thought of the WM23 MITB and where it ranks on your all-time list.  

Chris and Peter are joined in studio by Jacob, as our favorite Money in the Bank matches are the topic of the famous #fivecount. Actually, we end up talking about every MITB match in history along with their cash-in attempts, as well as Game of Thrones, ordering pizza (or lack of ordering pizza), a stirring review of Fighting With My Family and all the other nonsense topics that you have come to know and love.

As always, you can take part in the fun. Send us an email, social media mention or snail mail. Use the hashtag #fivecount and we will find it. Let us know what your favorite MITB match was and how you think the 2019 matches stacked up. 

Welcome to the TENTH episode of the 20x20Pod. This episode is quite different than our previous nine. When we started this adventure, we wanted to be different and stay away from the day-to-day current happenings of the wrestling world. Well..... 

Chris and Peter are joined in studio by the returning Cousin Aaron, the re-debut of Rex and the on-mic debut of Steve-O, along with a run-in by Baby Ivan. It started off as a discussion to make predictions for 2019, so we could go back in a year and see who could see most clearly into the future. However, too many voices and strong opinions about the ol' CP led to some deep-diving conversations that we did not expect. Who on the panel is not a fan of Seth Rollins? Who do we think can beat Okada, if anyone? Should Otis hold ALL the belts or just most of them? We try to stay away from such hard-hitting opinions and dirt-sheet nonsense, as the 20x20 Brand is all about fun and nonsense... but this is just a little glimpse into what we all like and why we watch this great sport of professional wrestling. This conversation brings up some good points and we will explore them deeper in future episodes.

As always, you can take part in the fun. Send us an email, social media mention or yell at us from your rooftop. Use the hashtag #fivecount and we will find it. Let us know what you think will happen this year, or why you like wrestling in general.  

This is another special episode of our podcast, once again coming to you from backstage (upstairs?) at the Olde Wrestling (www.oldewrestling.com) show in Detroit. But we aren't talking about the show... we are barely talking about wrestling! 

Our guest is RJ City, international wrestling superstar, actor extraordinaire and friend/enemy of David Arquette. RJ took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us as we discussed our favorite TV shows and movies that wrestlers have been a part of. We have some that you would expect... but RJ comes through with some DEEP cuts from yesteryear. After you listen to this episode, you're probably going to be racing to YouTube to find these clips. Well look no further than to the 20x20 YouTube page! We set up a Playlist right here that covers many of the shows and movies that we discussed. 

Also as you have come to expect from us, there are a lot of non-wrestling topics... like why does Coney Island call their hot dogs "Coneys"? Where does RJ like to go when he is in Detroit? Why should you treat "every day like it is WrestleMania"? What concert will RJ be attending with us later this year? Is Danhausen really haunting the upper level of the Detroit City Distillery? Where can the best apple fritter be found? And so much more!

RJ City is all over the internet:
Facebook: facebook.com/rjcity (where he makes coffee in his underwear every Sunday morning).
Instagram: @rjcity 
Twitter: RJCity1 
YouTube: RJ City (where he absolutely does not upload his coffee videos).
IMDb: RJ Skinner 

As always, you can take part in the fun. Make your own list and send it to us via email, social media or voice message. Use the hashtag #fivecount and we will find it. Let us know what you think of our lists and what cameos you loved, like Billy Gunn on Sabrina perhaps.  

This special episode brings a few "firsts" to the 20x20 Table. Peter is joined in-studio by Rex to put a bow on the Olde Wrestling event that took place in Detroit at the end of March. If you haven't heard, it went off splendidly! Please follow Olde Wrestling on Twitter and Instagram, as well as their website www.oldewrestling.com  for everything in their black and white universe. See them this August in Ohio (Boo!) for their yearly Extravaganza and hopefully back in Detroit very soon.

Another first this week is our first real interview! (Sorry Aaron.) Before the Olde show, Peter and Chris sat down with Gregory Iron -  wrestling superstar, motivational speaker, vintage shirt collector and part-time matador. As is the style with the rest of our episodes, actual current wrestling is barely talked about! Gregory has a history of wacky wrestling-related Halloween costumes, so we have a special #fivecount, trying to come up with some ideas for his 2019 costume. We hit some winners, but be sure to follow him on his social media like his Instagram and Twitter to see what he chooses, if any. Maybe he has something else up his sleeve. 

As always, you can take part in the fun. Make your own list and send it to us via email, social media, USPS or voice message. Use the hashtag #fivecount and we will find it. Let us know what you think of our lists and what you are dressing up as for Halloween (because it's never too early for Halloween talk).  

Our latest episode brings to you a round table discussion about our choices for the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame. In 2017, we did a written version of this topic, which you can still find on www.20x20apparel.com. For 2019, the same rules apply... we continue to discuss people we think should be in the HOF. Five choices (one of which is your headliner) and one celebrity pick.

Your hosts Peter and Chris are joined by both Aaron, who made an appearance in an earlier episode via voice mail and executive producer George, whose opinions come through the air waves via his toe nails clicking on the floor and his collar shaking. They break down all of their picks and veer slightly off-topic when discussing topics like how the WWE is using Ronda Rousey, the best way to cook pizza rolls and how Mick Foley falling off the Cell in 1998 had an impact on all of our wrestling-watching lives. It's a jam packed, late-night episode filled with music, pageantry and a little bit of controversy mixed in with a few tall boys and juggalo nonsense.

As always, you can take part in the fun. Make your own list and send it to us via email, social media, carrier pigeon or voice message. Use the hashtag #fivecount and we will find it. Let us know what you think of our lists and what your 2019 class would look like.  

Our sixth episode brings you something different than our usual shenanigans. We present to you the first annual Wrestlemania Challenge! Given all of the matches in Wrestlemania history, you need to create your own card of 10 matches - a World title match, 2 mid-card title matches, a tag title match, a women's match, a match featuring the Undertaker and 4 wildcard matches. Here's the catch... you can't repeat a wrestler, a title or have a singular WM represented more than once. Can you do it? Are you using Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon or Kurt Angle? Can't have both! Oh, you want Austin vs The Rock from WM17? Then you can't use the TLC match!  

Your hosts Peter and Chris are joined once again by the young boy Jacob as they go through their WMC lists. There are a lot of matches and superstars that you'd expect... and some other than may shock you. Did anyone mess up and pick the same wrestler twice? Did anyone take HBK vs Taker, which is arguably the greatest match in WM history? Did anyone take Goldberg vs Lesnar from WM20? Nah, no one would do that.... or would they?

As always, you can take part in the fun. Make your own list and send it to us via email, social media, telegram or voice message. Use the hashtag #fivecount and we will find it.   

Episode 5 bring you the return of the Five Count! Today your hosts Peter and Chris, along with returning young boy Jacob, discuss their favorite all time live events that they have attended. There is a lot packed into this episode, so get ready for the longest episode to date! It starts with a recreation of Steve Austin's famous Margarita mix... and it goes off the rails from there. Before you know it, we are an hour in and the #fivecount hasn't even started! New microphones, shaking ice, alcohol flowing, stuffy sinuses and recording way past our bed times all tie together to give you this offering of the pod. We are like your friends in the car when you're going on a trip, and this episode dives deep into all of the roadies that we have taken when going to various wrestling shows. So strap on your seatbelt and join us as we discuss all things regarding the memories involved with our favorite live events!

Episode 4 is the return of Jacob with your hosts Peter and Chris, as they discuss all things that happened at Astronomicon 2, the world's greatest pop-culture convention, hosted by Detroit's own TWIZTID and their Majik Ninja Entertainment family. 20x20 had a booth at the convention and the boys hosted multiple trivia sessions over the 3 day weekend. Hear the stories about how the trivia went, try to answer some of the wrestling questions along with Chris, relive the interaction the boys had with such Con guests as Jake The Snake Roberts, Goldust and Bill Moseley.... and much more! You will feel like you are hanging out at the convention with your friends

Episode 3 sees your hosts Chris and Peter fighting a blizzard, ice storm and Michigan allergies to bring you the #fivecount topic of... Favorite Wrestlers of All Time. There's a little cross-over with the lists and there isn't a lot of debate, but that will soon change as the topics get broader. Will Peter take all TNA and ROH alumni? Will Chris try to pick ECW for every pick? Who knows! There is also a special announcement within this episode regarding Astronomicon 2, happening on February 8-10 in Sterling Heights, MI. But you will have to tune in and listen for that. 

Episode 2 goes off the rails, and fast! We abandon the promise of Favorite All-time Wrestlers and jump right into an old favorite - the Royal Rumble Drinking Game! Peter and Chris welcome Jacob to the podcast as they watch the Rumble match from 2009. There is a loose set of rules for taking a drink when certain things in the match occur. Feel free to fire up and pour yourself a beverage to watch along... or just listen along as we go through numerous stories, arguments and all-around nonsense. From stories about the famous Joe Louis Arena (and its parking lot) to debating the HOF credentials of R-Truth, this episode is an instant classic.

In this first episode, you get to meet your hosts Peter and Chris. The #fivecount topic is Favorite Current Wrestlers. This is a good opportunity to get to know everyone and start the groundwork for our podcast going forward. Did your current favorites make the cut? Tune in to find out and then let us know what your list is. Maybe we will play or read your list on a future episode.